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At Solokal we know the importance of a strong online presence and want to give every organization the opportunity to create a strong web based portfolio.We recognize and understand the use of social media in today’s marketplace and can guide your firm in the right direction.

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Ben Hurt

Benjamin Hurt is a Co-Founder of Solokal Social Media Marketing and Owner of Hurt Technology. He uses his expertise in web development, location based search, network infrastructure, and end user training to work with small and medium businesses and schools. In the past five years, he has worked with dozens of organizations guiding their focus on increasing their web-presence and accessibility to technology. Ben’s recent projects include a corporate web design and teacher safety training portal for SafeTeachers.com. SafeTeachers.com currently serves more than 15,000 teachers in the state of Virginia with online video based safety training curriculum for school faculty and staff. Other ongoing projects include technology deployment, training and support for multiple private schools in Mississippi and getting local businesses found on the internet.

Ben is a Certified Google Apps for Business Reseller, Google Apps Education Edition Qualified Individual and Apple Certified Support Professional. He worked in education for twelve years as a Chemistry Teacher, Band Director and Director of Technology before starting his own business in 2011. He is proud to be an MUW “Smart Man”  where he graduated in 1997 with a B.A. in Chemistry. Ben continued his chemistry education with a M.S. from USM.

He lives in Caledonia, MS with his beautiful bride, Tara, and their four children. In his free time, he enjoys working on nerdy projects that nobody seems to understand.

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Brett Blaise

Brett grew up in Columbus, MS, and is a 2008 graduate of Heritage Academy. He received his Bachelor’s in Business Administration from Mississippi State University while also attending Pearl River Community College and Belhaven University.


From 2009 to 2013 Brett played college baseball at Pearl River Community College and Belhaven University. Brett is married to Shelly Blaise.


Brett’s interests include college sports, hunting, fishing, and spending time with friends and family.

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Byron Hurt

Byron Hurt

Byron, a recent addition to the Solokal team, has two years of experience with Hurt Technology. He has a wide range of experience in everything from tech support and consulting to web development and coding. He works closely with several schools and small businesses to improve the quality and efficiency of their workplace technology. Byron’s most recent project is assisting in app development for SafeTeachers.com.

Originally from Amory, MS, Byron graduated from Mississippi State University with a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science in 2014. He currently lives in Starkville, MS, with his wife, Dana, and they are expecting their first child this April.

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